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self-realisationrise of science and artjusticelabour is wanted, not required
the higest stage of society development
truly free personequality« From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs»happinessself-governanceall the property to society!classless Communist societyabundanceno difference between a village and a townаutomatizationsystematic prices reductionefficiencyspace explorationelectrificationno political boundaries
Socialism —
  • Social control over natural resourses and means of production
  • Fair destibution of income
  • Legal, political, social, economic equality
  • Right to free education and medicine
  • Important systems of society (transport, banking, etc.) are under the control of the state
  • All resources are used for the benefit of the country, and workers have proper working conditions
  • The income of the worker directly depends on implementation of norms
  • All citizens are equal before the law and are entitled to state protection in court, have equal status in society, etc.
  • Everyone has an opportunity to receive free medical care, to pass all stages of education from school to university
  • Systems of society work for the benefit of citizens, and the profit from their use is directed to their own support
Capitalism —
  • Means of production is owed by bourgeoisie (<7%) and natural resourses are conrolled by bureaucratic machine
  • Exploitation of man by man and appropriation of the worker's income
  • Exhausting work conditions and low quality of life for working class
  • Expensive education and medicine
  • Important systems of society (transport, banking, etc.) are under the control of individuals
  • Natural resources are sold to individuals for understated price, and the industrialists rob and use their workers
  • Workers are deceived, constrained by predatory loans and receive only a small part of the profit
  • The average worker lives from hand to mouth, doesn't sleep enough, works most of the day, suffers from injuies and diseases obtained in the production and will probably die before 50
  • Only a privileged part of society can afford education and medical care
  • Uncontrolled increase in prices and deterioration of quality in the interests of the bourgeoisie
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
231 868
20 275
22 402
Armenian SSR
2 194
Azerbaijan SSR
4 660
Estonian SSR
1 285
Byelorussian SSR
8 633
Georgian SSR
4 548
Kazakh SSR
12 129
1 420
2 717
Uzbek SSR
10 581
Kyrgyz SSR
2 652
Latvian SSR
2 262
Lithuanian SSR
2 986
Turkmen SSR
1 914
Moldavian SSR
3 368
Russian SFSR
126 561
5 420
17 075
Tajik SSR
2 579
Ukrainian SSR
45 516
1 509
Ears — wealth and prosperity, secured by a new form of economics
The globe — the international solidarity of the USSR with the working people of the entire planet
Hammer and sickle — Union of workers and peasants in the fight for the rightful cause
The rising sun — the bright future of Communist ideas, the rise of a new society
The motto on the red ribbon — voluntary unification of equal republics into a socialist state
An unbreakable union of free republics, The Great Russia has welded forever to stand. Long live the creation of the will of the people, The united, mighty Soviet Union! Be glorious, our free Motherland, A reliable stronghold of the peoples' friendship! Party of Lenin, strength of the people, Leads us to the triumph of Communism! Through tempests the sun of freedom shone to us, And the great Lenin illuminated our path, To a just cause he raised up the people To labour and heroic deeds he inspired us! Be glorious, our free Motherland, A reliable stronghold of the peoples' friendship! Party of Lenin, strength of the people, Leads us to the triumph of Communism! In the victory of the immortal ideas of Communism We see the future of our country, And to the Red Banner of our glorious Motherland We shall always be selflessly true! Be glorious, our free Motherland, A reliable stronghold of the peoples' friendship! Party of Lenin, strength of the people, Leads us to the triumph of Communism!
The workers and peasants, united in the revolutionary struggle, through strikes, demonstrations and open opposition to the army, completely destroyed the royal power.
However, the bourgeoisie with the help of the Mensheviks, social revolutionaries and the petty-bourgeois politicians, who were the majority, managed to grab power in the country of the Soviets. The land remained with landowners, capitalists continued to oppress the people.
Russia's last bourgeois government was defeated, but afraid that world revolutions will spread, capitalist countries invaded Russia to destroy Soviet power.
Tsarist admiral Kolchak was chosen as henchman of capitalists. Kolchak shot workers and flogged soldiers, restored the Royal order throughout Siberia, and soon led the offensive against Soviet Russia, but the Red Army defeated the Admiral, and the rebels shot Kolchak and all the white "Ministers".
The Soviet power triumphed over the foreign and Russian capitalists
Almost all of Europe was under the rule of Hitler by the year of 1940. USSR was against war, government signed a non-aggression agreement with Germany, but the nazi didn't keep their word and on June 22, 1941 treacherously attacked the USSR.
Our country was not ready for the war, but because of the heroism of the Soviet Army, the dedication of home front workers, the courage of the guerrilla groups and the tenacity of the command, USSR was able to turn the tide of war.
Retreating nazi burned villages and cities, killed thousands of people and took everything of value with them, but nothing could stop our people, and in the summer of 1944, the entire Soviet land was liberated and by the spring of 1945 from the Nazis cleansed the whole of Europe. On may 8, Germany surrendered.
After the World War II, USSR intensified it's influence in the world, and the power of the Soviet people was aimed at the development of heavy industry. Every year the production of metal, electric power, machines and oil increased. Under the leadership of the Communist party and the Soviet government, workers of our country was marching to the bright idea of communism.
Rights and obligations
Right to work
Getting a job with a salary in accordance with it's quantity and quality and not less than the minimum amount established by the government
Choice of profession
Right to rest
Working week is not more than 41 hours
Annual paid leave
Days of weekly rest
Essence of cultural, educational and medical institutions for leisure and leisure time
Right to health
Free qualified medical care
Broad preventive measures
Measures to improve the environment
Right to security of tenure
In old age, in case of illness, total or partial disability, loss of breadwinner rely benefits from the state
Privileges for pregnant and temporary disabled
Maintenance and services for persons with disabilities and the elderly
Vocational training for the disabled (and the provision of feasible work, the provision of prostheses, orthopedic products, strollers, and for disabled veterans — manually controlled cars
Lump-sum and monthly benefits for mothers with many children and single mothers
Right to housing
Low rent and pay for utilities
Promotion of housing
A fair distribution of living space
Right to education
Free of charge all types of education
Scholarships and benefits for students
Free issuance of textbooks
Opportunity to study at school in their native language
Right to use cultural assets
Public availability of national and world literature values
Placement and development of cultural and educational institutions throughout the country
Development of radio, television, publishing and periodicals, a network of free libraries
Right to creativity
Freedom of scientific, technical and artistic creation
Rights of authors, inventors and innovators are protected by the state
Right to participate in public administration
Discussion and adoption of laws and decisions
Possibility to choose and to be choosen to the Council of people's deputies and other elected state bodies, to take part in discussions and voting, public's control, work of state bodies and public organizations
Other rights
Right... submit proposals to state and public organizations on improving their activities and criticizing shortcomings in their work
Prosecution for criticism is prohibited
Officials are obliged to consider and give answers to offers and statements of citizens within the established terms, to take necessary measures
Right... freedom of speech, of the press, of meetings, of street processions and demonstrations, of religion
Right... unite in public organizations
Right... inviolability of the person: no one may be arrested except on the basis of a court decision or with the assistance of a prosecutor
Right... inviolability of the home: no one has the right, without legal grounds, to enter the home against the will of it's residents
Right... the protection of private life, secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations and telegraphic communications
Right... judicial protection against violations of honour and dignity, life and health, personal liberty and property
Duty to abide the Constitution and Soviet laws, to respect the rules of the socialist dormitory, to bear the high rank of a citizen of the USSR with dignity.
Duty to preserve and protect socialist property, to fight fraud and waste.
Duty to protect the interests of the Soviet state, to contribute to the strengthening of it's power and authority.
Duty to carry out honorary military service in the armed forces of the USSR.
Duty to care for the upbringing of children, to prepare them for socially useful work, to raise worthy members of socialist society. Children are obliged to take care of their parents and provide them with assistance.
Duty to respect the rights and legitimate interests of others, to be irreconcilable with anti-social actions and to contribute fully to the protection of public order.
Duty to protect nature, to protect it's wealth.
Honest work in the chosen field of useful activity, observance of labor discipline is the duty and matter of honor for every able-bodied citizen
The protection of the socialist Fatherland is sacred duty of every citizen of the USSR
It is a duty and obligation to respect the national dignity of other citizens, to strengthen the friendship of the Nations and peoples of the Soviet multinational state.
Duty to take care of preservation of historical monuments and other cultural values.
It is an international duty to promote friendship and cooperation with the peoples of other countries, to maintain and strengthen world peace.
Duty to abide by the Constitution
Duty to work in good faith
Other duty
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Join Communist organizations
Soviet parties, youth organizations and clubs exist in almost every country and are often no longer subject to persecution. Many of them are open to new participants, but in some countries they are secret societies (because of the resistance of local governments). Contact these organizations, and you will have the opportunity to benefit the entire socialist movement.
Emigrate to the USSR
We are happy to provide housing and conditions for fruitful work of scientists, engineers, doctors, workers and many other good workmans. You will honorably bear the proud name of a citizen of the USSR, perform your duties, enjoy extensive rights and make a contribution to the common cause of building a Communist future.
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